Why The Microsoft Surface Pro Is Not Selling Well

Microsoft has continued to record dismal sales for its surface pro. Even the $100 cut in the price of surface pro tablets has not helped Microsoft’s cause. Compared to sales figures by some of the tablets on the market, the surface pro has really done poorly. However much Microsoft may not admit that the surface pro has not been a huge success, statistics prove otherwise. Microsoft received a combined revenue $853m for both the Surface RT and the Surface Pro, way too small for a company of Microsoft’s stature. While the surface pro looked more stylish and powerful than the RT, it still lacked some features that cheap tablet computers out there came with and therefore could not compete favourably with the likes of iPads and galaxy tabs. Several people have been left wondering why the Microsoft surface pro is not selling well, given that it comes with a host of unique features and is very much beautifully designed. Well, one would have to scratch their heads to find out why the tablet is not doing well.

First and foremost, most people consider the $799 price tag that comes with the tablet to be way too much for a device that does not quite compare with some of its cheaper competitors out there. Even with the $100 discount, beautiful design and nice display, most people still consider it not true value for money. Though the surface pro is a mile better than the Surface RT, most people still look at it as a second-rate tablet that has no potential to compete favourably in a market that’s flooded with high quality and lower priced tablets.
Limited availability is another reason why the surface pro has recorded dismal sales figures. Microsoft basically sells its surface tablets in 29 markets and close to 10,000 locations. For a company like Microsoft that has the potential to sell its products worldwide, this is simply not good enough for it to be able to compete with some of its bigger rivals like apple and Samsung whose tablets are shipped almost to the entire world. If Microsoft really intends to increase sales for its surface pro tablets, it has to broaden its tablet availability. The more available the tablets will come across the world, the more sales Microsoft will record.

Another reason why the surface pro has not lived to its expectations is the fact that it runs on windows 8. From the word go, Windows 8 did not receive a warm reception on the market and devices running on Windows 8 have continued to lag behind android powered devices. For this reason, both the surface pro and RT were bound to struggle to gain the attention of users who have already been glued to the Android operating system. The limited availability of Windows 8 apps as compared to Android apps is another reason why consumers have not been so keen on purchasing the surface pro, leading to the dismal figures.

Last but not least, the low battery life of the surface pro has also accounted for the poor sales. Being a mobile device, Microsoft could have done more to improve the battery life to match that of rival tabs. However, it did not do much and in a market where consumers want gadgets with batteries that can last for days minus recharging, the surface pro was less likely to woo customers.
If Microsoft does not address some of these issues, the Microsoft surface pro will continue to lag behind rival tablets.